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Cafe Brunch Budapest | bakery & patisserie

Cafe Brunch Budapest

Where our food comes from

All-day Breakfast & Brunch in 5 locations in central Budapest

We strive to deliver a perfect breakfast and brunch experience every day of the year. To achieve this goal, we continuously work on improving our food using nothing, but the best ingredients. Come and visit one of our restaurants to try the all-time favourites like avocado toast, Eggs Benedict & our delicious pancakes. We also have very popular Hungarian breakfast dishes like the Hungarian scrambled eggs or Hungarian omelette on offer.

We have opened our first Cafe Brunch restaurant in 2017 and since then we now operate 5 restaurants in Budapest. In 2022 we opened our own artisan bakery and patisserie workshop from where we supply all our restaurants with fresh bread, pastries and cakes every day of the week.

Hungarian Scrambled Eggs

Hungarian Scrambled Eggs

The best brunch restaurants in Budapest

Cafe Brunch interior design

Cafe Brunch interior

Here the list of our all-day breakfast & brunch restaurants:

Our artisan bakery & patisserie

We wanted to reach the next level when it comes to quality for our bakery products. The best way to achieve this was to open our own bakery workshop where we have full control of all ingredients. So in 2022 we opened the artisan workshop in Hajos street, in the basement of our Brunch Deli restaurant. Here we have dedicated staff creating sourdough bread using the traditional recipes, the perfect croissant a chocolate rolls and also some Hungarian specialities like sweet cottage cheese pastry call Túrós batyu.

The perfect croissant at Cafe Brunch

The perfect croissant

Cafe Brunch cakes from our own pattisserie

Next to the bakery we created a patisserie workshop where our talented colleagues bake stunning cakes. Try our Hungarian specialities like Dobos cake, Eszterházy cake, Rákóczi túrós in a visually pleasing form, but with the traditional amazing taste.

You can taste all our bakery & patisserie products in all of our restaurants as we deliver them fresh every morning to all our 5 breakfast places.

Cakes from our own patisserie

Our specialty coffee

We have teamed up with Budapest Kávé, a local artisan roaster who created a special blend for Cafe Brunch Budapest. The 100% Arabica coffee from Barzil is roasted for us fresh and our highly trained baristas brew an amazing cup of coffee every single time.

Freshly roasted coffee at Cafe Brunch

Freshly roasted Budapest coffee

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