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Cafe Brunch Budapest - Videos

Watch how some of our favourite dishes and drinks are prepared by our chefs at Cafe Brunch Budapest. We always use the best ingredients and try to prepare everything ourselves instead of buying it ready-made. We recently opened our own bakery where we bake our own sourdough bread and pastries. 

All-day breakfast & Brunch in Budapest

Cafe Brunch Budapest is now open in 5 locations around the city offering all-day breakfast and brunch every day of the week. Try the brunch favourites like avocado toast or Eggs Benedict and you can also explore some Hungarian specialities like Hungarian scrambled eggs, Hungarian eggy toast called Bundáskenyér and the Hungarian sweet cottage cheese pastry called túróstáska. We prepare all these dishes fresh in our restaurants and in our bakery,

Avocado toast with poached eggs

Pink hummus toast with hard boiled eggs

Hungarian trifle

American pancake with Nutella & banana

Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream

Girl power cocktail

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