Girl-Power Cocktail

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

One of our most popular cocktails at Cafe Brunch Budapest is the Girl-Power. This refreshing and fruity summer drink is a specialty, created by our restaurant manager, Dóra Fürjes. This was her final exam drink at her bartender & barista school, where each candidate had to create his/her own new cocktail. Her creation was so popular, that it made it to our menu straight away in the spring of 2020.

Since then, there was a steady demand for this drink, especially by our female guests, some of who are now regulars at our restaurant because of this special drink.

We now lift the veil on the secret recipe:

  • 4cl gin

  • 4cl rosé wine

  • 4cl cranberry juice

  • 2cl strawberry syrup

  • 2cl lime juice

  • ice

  • soda water

  • served with fresh strawberries and redcurrant

Come and try it on our outside terrace, near the Opera House in the centre of Budapest - at Cafe Brunch.

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