Goulash is a soup???

Our chefs were inspired by Hungarian and international cuisine when creating our new lunch and dinner menu.

Among the starters you will find the all classic Hungarian Goulash or "Gulyás leves" as we Hungarians call it. You might be surprised to hear that the traditional Goulash is a soup and not a stew. It is cooked with vegatables, potatoes, tender beef and of course paprika. We also have a stew dish similar to what people outside of Hungary refer to as Goulash, but we call it "pörkölt".

Among the main dishes on our menu you will find a pörkölt made from chicken. We call this dish chicken paprika and you can guess there is a lot of paprika in it that gives it its very unique and deleicios taste. This dish is traditionally served with home made dumplings and pickeld gurkins.

So if you would like to taste some really traditional and delicious Hungarian cuisne, come by Cafe Brunch Budapest for lunch or dinner. See you soon.

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