Start the year with delicious and healthy food

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year's celebration. This is the time of the year when we all eat a bit more than we usually do or should :)

This is the reason why we have created a brand new, delicious, but light and healthy lunch menu for January and February at Cafe Brunch Budapest.

We have 2 creamy soups that should warm you up in the cold weather.

The House spacial tomato soup is yummi with a little bit of spiciness, just enough to make it interesting.

The celery cream soup with celery spagetthi is smooth and sumptious. A perfect dish for the winter.

We have also created 4 healthy salads:

1) Couscous salad with feta cheese

2) Tuna salad

3) Tricolour pasta salad with ham

4) House salad with grilled prawns.

We have also greatly upgraded our sandwich offerings: You can still order the classics: ham & cheese, salami & chesse and double cheese sandwiches. We are now offering the following special sandwiches: bacon & cheese sandwich, scrambled eggs sandwich and smoked salmon sandwich.

We have created 2 light pasta dishes as main course:

1) Spagetthi with bruschetta sauce

2) Spagetthi with wild mushroom sauce

For both these dishes you can order grilled prawns or grilled perch as a topping.

Come and try our delicious food at Cafe Brunch Budapest. Bon Appétit!

You can our menu here

You can see pictures here

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