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Do I need to book a table at Cafe Brunch Budapest?

Cafe Brunch Budapest offers delicious breakfast and brunch dishes all day long at 5 different locations in the centre of Budapest. The breakfast restaurants are quite popular, so there might be a short waiting time to get a table, especially on weekends. Don't worry though, the staff is very attentive and they will do their very best to find you a suitable table as quickly as possible.

Cafe Brunch Budapest - Hungarian breakfast
Cafe Brunch Budapest - Hungarian breakfast

The question nevertheless arises, if booking a table is necessary? The quick answer is that it is recommended where it is possible. What do I mean by that? Out of the 5 restaurants only 2 accept bookings. In the other 3 restaurants they look forward to welcoming you without a reservation and tables are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

So if you are 2-3 people and are not in a rush, then booking is not necessary. You might need to wait 5-10 minutes for a table, but it is absolutely worth it, as the brunch food, the Hungarian breakfast and other delicacies are to die for. If you come before 9.00am, then most likely you will find a seat straight away.

If you are a larger group or you have a tight schedule, then it is recommended to book a table at the 2 restaurants where it is possible. Here the restaurants will hold your table up to 10 minutes after your booking time, so make sure you arrive on time or let them know that you will be late.

And here are the Cafe Brunch restaurants with booking possibilities:

  • Cafe Brunch Deli (Hajós utca 31): table booking possible web

  • Cafe Brunch Bazilika (Zrínyi utca 8): table booking possible web

  • Cafe Brunch Opera (Hajós utca 26/b): table booking not possible

  • Cafe Brunch Bistro (Bajcsy-Zs. u 19/b): table booking not possible

  • Cafe Brunch Fővám (Fővám tér 2-3): table booking not possible

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