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New Seasonal Menu at Cafe Brunch Bazilika (May 2024)

Cafe Brunch Budapest is a breakfast restaurant chain with already 5 units in the centre of Budapest. We serve delicious Hungarian breakfast as well as international favourites. We always strive to use only the best ingredients, always fresh. Our chefs come up with seasonal menu ideas to be able to use local produce when they are the best.

Our Cafe Brunch Bazilika restaurant recently published its latest seasonal menu for May 2024. Here are the specialities we currently offer at this restaurant. Of course you can always choose your brunch favourites from our regular menu.

Cafe Brunch Bazilika - Seasonal menu
Cafe Brunch Bazilika - Seasonal menu

For the starter we created a light and fresh spinach cream soup with confit garlic and feta cheese. For the next course you can order the Brie cheese ciabatta with home-made blueberry jam or the omelette with spring onions and Prague ham. Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

For drinks we offer an Affogato cafe, which is an Espresso with a scoup of vanilla ice cream. The forest fruit lemonade is refreshing and if you would like to have an alcoholic drink, we created the forest fruit Limoncello.

Cafe Brunch Bazilika - seasonal drinks
Cafe Brunch Bazilika - seasonal drinks

Visit our all-day breakfast restaurants in the centre of Budapest. Find more information and see our menu on our website


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